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    John Singer Sargent, Drawing of Emilio Bassi

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    "Another pill for sluts:" Responding to the sex-shaming critics of Truvada

    By Richard Read

    Some people hate Truvada. Michael Weinstein, president of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, famously dismissed it as “a party drug,” as if that’s inherently a bad thing. (Then again, I think of champagne as a party drug, so what do I know?) But neither Weinstein nor his fellow critics can deny the science behind Truvada, and that science now says that the drug is virtually 100 percent effective at stopping HIV.

    Instead, Weinstein et al. make moral arguments against Truvada — the same moral arguments used 50 years ago to prevent women from taking control of their own bodies and sexual lives. 

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    FKA twigs


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    The work of Patrycja Podkoscielny.

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    Vic Seipke, unknown photographer.

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    Yokai Monsters: Spook Warfare . ‘68 . imdb

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    Matthew Barney

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    Rya and I photographed by Luke Gilford. This was in the barn at my last house. Sometimes it looked like a spaceship.

    New Religions.


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    Michael Creese, Horse (2014), oil on canvas.


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